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AXOR x Philippe Starck: Celebrating 30 Years of Transformative Design

Mr Philippe Starck along with 80 designers from Asia were invited to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of AXOR x Philippe Starck in Shanghai in March 2024.

Stepping into hansgrohe Innovation Parc in Shanghai unveils a celebratory atmosphere that marks a milestone — the 30th anniversary of the collaboration between AXOR and the iconic designer Philippe Starck. This event celebrates past achievements, while casting a forward-looking gaze into the future of design.

The journey of AXOR and Starck began in 1994, when Philippe Starck first designed the AXOR Starck collection. This collection sets a new standard for bathroom design with its iconic, archetypal forms and uncompromising functionality. This collaboration, sparked by a chance meeting between Starck and Klaus Grohe, grew into a powerful alliance as they shared passion for innovation.

During the event, it was enlightening to see about 80 designers from Southeast Asia and China come together to be a part of this celebration. The showcase was a reflection on the iconic designs that have come to define AXOR and Starck but also a testament to their philosophical alignment on aesthetics and utility.

Starck spoke passionately about the dual responsibility of designers to meet the utility of a product while pushing the boundaries of creativity to achieve a balance between functionality and artistry. This sentiment resonated deeply with everyone present, as it echoed the ongoing mission of AXOR to craft spaces that are not only luxurious but also intensely personal and reflective of individual taste.

The presentation space itself was a microcosm of Starck's design ethos, with elements that highlighted the seamless integration of form and function. It was a display of the principles that have guided their collaborations — simplicity, respect for water, and a commitment to creating design icons that are timeless rather than trendy.

The collaboration between AXOR and Philippe Starck is a merging of visions that has continually redefined the boundaries of design. As Starck aptly put it, their work together is akin to a "family discussion," where creativity flows as freely as the water they are inspired by.

Text by:
Leyna Poh
25 April 2024