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Villeroy & Boch focuses on bathroom trends that offer feel-good vibes

Villeroy & Boch, one of the world’s leading premium brands for ceramic products, aims to evoke warm, cosy vibes at home in 2024.

Founded in 1748 and headquartered in Mettlach, Germany, the brand is focusing on harmonious colours, soft shapes and elements inspired by nature. In bathrooms, natural materials such as wood and stone are used for the furniture, complemented by organic shapes in ceramics.

Warm Colours, Soft Shapes

The brand introduces ceramic colours like Almond and Stone White that offer a gentle alternative to brilliant white. Some of the products feature intensive colour accents such as rich earth tones, along with natural hues like Rust, Bordeaux, Forest or Deep Ocean. These vibrant shades are what designer Gesa Hansen has incorporated for her washbasin series Artis.

When it comes to taps and fittings, new finishes like Brushed Nickel or Brushed Gold create a sense of cosiness. These are matched with soft-flow designs of the Finion and Loop & Friends, or the gently rounded Subway 3.0.

Fusing with Nature

Interior designers often draw inspiration from nature to create feel-good environments. For instance, Antao by design studio Kaschkasch embraces this trend with the new ceramic colour Morning Green. Incorporating natural materials like wood and stone, along with an organic design modelled after a dewdrop enhances the connection with nature.

Wood tones and shades of green are seamlessly integrated into the new bathroom designs, such as Subway 3.0 or the Colour on Demand concept for baths. Sustainable products, such  as the water-saving TwistFlush toilet and smart surfaces like CeramicPlus and Antifingerprint, which save cleaning agents, align with the nature trend too.

More is More

After years of cool minimalism, bathrooms now welcome hints of lavishness. Perfectly matched ceramics, furniture and taps and fittings, as well as high quality materials like solid wood, natural stone and TitanCeram lend touches of opulence.

Dark woods such as Warm Walnut (Antao), Walnut Veneer (Finion) or Arizona Oak (Subway 3.0) are combined with neutral beige, brown shades or bold colours. Real wood floors, marbled walls and floor tiles, as well as geometric patterns contribute to the maximalism trend.

Meanwhile, taps and fittings are woven with glamorous accents. For instance, Conum by Christian Haas in Brushed Gold or Nickel elevate washbasins and free-standing baths, resulting in bathrooms that bring beauty and elegance to everyday life.

Villeroy & Boch is distributed by Homewerkz, BSG Trading, VolumeFive 

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28 May 2024