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New couch in town: Kelvin Giormani 2023 collection

The Luxe Edition brings in five unique Kelvin Giormani pieces from its latest collection.

Founded in 1991, Kelvin Giormani started off as a manufacturer, exporter and retailer of sofas. Since then, the brand has been creating tailor-made top quality genuine leather sofas as well as expanded around the globe. Today, Kelvin Giormani presents homes with luxury European-style sofas and bespoke designs. Find out more about the 2023 collection:



The wings of a bird inspire the organic forms of this sofa, which is inspired by the lines of Niemeyer’s curvy architecture and Art Deco designs. Quality materials like leather and metal are fused together, while meticulous stitching  completes the volumetric design. 

The back piece of its backrest creates a play of geometric stitching that showcases the level of detail that Kelvin Giormani works into his products, even in the most structural elements.


Leo's timeless design features rounded shapes. It is a piece full of details: the backrest cushion embraces the structural back of the sofa, and the wooden legs (which the entire body of the sofa rests on) with its metallic detail create a contrast of materials.

The low proportions of Leo's composition are reminiscent of the Art Deco designs of the 1930s. The sofa is a full body, with the possibility of removing the fabric parts for easy maintenance. The finishes can also be customised accordingly.


This armchair's design is inspired by the 'klismos' of ancient Greece, and fused with lines typical of the cosmological design of the 1980s. 

The most interesting feature is that the armchair has been designed as a single volume - in which the seat, armrests and backrest are a single element that rests on the legs, creating a sense of simplicity and a perfect balance. 

The chair's design comes with the possibility of combining different top quality Italian leather and fabric finishes. This comfortable and beautifully made piece is perfect for a homey dining area or a meeting room. 


The world of fashion underwent a revolution in the 1970s, when the classic concept was joined by the trends of the London underground and the American subcultures and the reminiscences of cultures from different countries around the world. Westwood is a tribute to this eclecticism; its straight shapes and geometric lines with the combination of finishes result in a sofa with a strong but casual look.

Westwood is characterised by its leather armrests with an embedded structure that incorporates the metal plate legs within the body of the structure itself. The fabric seat creates a comfortable and practical sofa, and these top quality Italian fabric pieces are removable for proper maintenance.


Gate’s timeless, elegant design features straight lines with rounded edges and offers multiple alternatives and versatility. The lounge-type sofa’s modularity is designed to provide different comfort options to each user. Made-to-measure solutions are available with the different finishes in leather, fabric, wood, etc. For instance, Gate’s volumes, supported by cylindrical wooden feet, are available in different leather finishes and with the possibility of combining the set with cushions in Italian ecological yarn fabric.

The Luxe Edition

The LUXE Edition is a carefully curated selection of full leather seatings through four main luxe collections: Corium, Ciabbi, Entune Living & Kelvin Giormani. The selection focuses on leather sofas, L-shape sofas, recliners, armchairs, tables and chairs featuring great design and skill.

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23 March 2023