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Duravit's minimalist designs offer maximum comfort and style

Design restorative spaces with Duravit, a trusted German brand known globally for its premium bathroom products catered to the modern home.

Duravit’s solutions are a harmonious fusion of thoughtful, aesthetically-pleasing design and impeccable functionality — elevating what many consider a utilitarian space into a personal, refreshing spa-like escape.


Sleek forms and uncompromising versatility are hallmarks of the D-Neo range, which features a complete suite of bathroom products from Belgian designer Bertrand Lejoly (pictured above). Crafted with the young urbanite in mind, the range is ideal for first-time homeowners seeking a premium quality bathroom at an attractive price.

This is Lejoly’s first ever bathroom series; his ‘refined simplicity’ style on full display in every piece — from washbasins and bathroom furniture, to faucets, toilets, and a free-standing bathtub. With a focus on straight lines and geometric shapes, the individual elements of D-Neo’s range are a versatile fit for any space.

Choose from an extensive washbasin catalogue that covers furniture and built-in variants, hand rinse, as well as round and oval above- counter basins. All basins feature striking designs and ultra slim rims.

Bathtubs add a touch of luxury to any bathroom, and D-Neo’s free-standing DuraSolid bathtub delivers in spades with a smooth feel and finish. Mirroring the design of the collection’s above-counter washbasins, the bathtub stands at just 1,600mm in length, making it ideal for compact spaces. The elegant fittings offer even more flexibility and customisation. Basin mixers are fitted with smart technology, such as AirPlus, which enriches the water with air in the regulator for a full, soft splash that reduces water consumption.

B.1 Shower System
B.1 Shower System
B.1 Single lever bath mixer
B.1 Single lever bath mixer

The brand also offers a single lever bath mixer with ceramic cartridge, non-return valve in the hose connection, normal spray, hose connection, and a diverter that automatically reverts from hand shower to bath spout when turned off. Besides that, Duravit’s sleek hand shower features a showerhead with adjustable angle, swivel shower arm, height-adjustable hand shower holder, and non-return valve in the hose connection.

Meanwhile, vanity solutions balance the need between aesthetics and ample storage, with 13 finish options. Whether you’re going for a minimalist, boho, pop, or monochrome style,

D-Neo lets you put together a custom look that fits your lifestyle and space. Wood-look variations include Black Oak, Oak Terra, and Natural Oak, and there are also matte choices such as matt white that work well with brightly coloured bathroom accessories.

Smaller apartments benefit from drawers and interior systems, providing practical storage that can be hidden away for a seamless look, while open shelves offer maximum visibility and convenience. D-Neo cabinets and drawers also come with ergonomically shaped handles, to match the clean lines of the furniture designs whilst mimicking the curve of the console panels and wash basins.

As for toilets, D-Neo’s wall-mounted and free-standing designs are the epitome of what toilets should be —comfortable, easy to clean, and hygienic. Both designs feature Duravit Rimless technology, which employs dynamic water flow to flush the inner  surface of the bowl perfectly, using as little as four litres of water per flush. The open rim area is also easy to keep clean. For maximum hygiene, get the toilets with Duravit’s industry leading antibacterial Hygiene Glaze, which kills 99.9% of bacteria after 24 hours.

ME by Starck

ME by Starck washbasin ME by Starck washbasin

Turn your bathroom into the ultimate sanctuary with the ME by Starck collection, which features a range of toilets, bidets, washbasins, bathtubs, shower trays, and accessories from acclaimed French designer Philippe Starck.

Made to fit and pair seamlessly with other Duravit furniture, the pared down, minimalist designs focus on the essentials, allowing for individuals and their personal sense of style to shine through.

Diverse options abound for the washing area, where self-care rituals for the day begin and end. There are six versatile washing area solutions, spanning 430mm to 1,300mm. The vanity basin boasts distinctive lines and a flat, sleek look with generous shelf space, while the console basin pairs with other consoles or a vanity unit for even more storage options. If a chic look is what you’re going for, the half or full pedestal and siphon covers appeal with their balanced sense of proportions.

ME by Starck washbasin ME by Starck washbasin

Every detail considers harmony in design, from the slender, delicate rims which gives the basins a light, almost rimless appearance, to the White Satin Matt finish that exudes sophisticated elegance.

You can further personalise your furniture washbasin with a choice of one or two tap holes, which can be combined with the Duravit L-Cube, XSquare, XViu, Ketho, Brioso, and XBase furniture ranges.

Complete the setup with Duravit’s wide range of fittings, all of which provide a consistent, high-quality look that can be paired with any bathroom series. Faucets come in round, rounded and square shapes, in classy shades such as chrome and matte black.

ME by Starck
ME by Starck
ME by Starck
ME by Starck

ME by Starck’s toilets and bidets are a lesson in form and functionality, available as sleek floor-standing or wall-mounted units without visible wall fixings. Duravit’s Rimless® technology ensures optimal water-saving with every flush, while the innovative Hygiene Flush technology uses a powerful rotating water flow to thoroughly clean the toilet bowl’s inner surface, without the need for sprays.

For more information on the D-Neo and ME by Starck collections, visit the Duravit Singapore showroom at 63 Tras Street, Singapore 079002. Tel 6221 9315.

18 December 2023