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Meridiani's Latest Collection Is Inspired By Fashion

Select a piece of furniture to reflect your client's sartorial identity

If the home is a human body, then its furniture are the clothes it wears.

This is the spirit of the latest collection from Meridiani, designed by Andrea Parisio, now available at Marquis Q Square.

Expect to find pieces available in fabric or leather and wood, made with craftsmanship that contributes to the Italian brand’s timeless allure.

Their forms offer a continuous dialogue between shape and material.

Much like one would tailor a suit or gown, selecting the furniture is similar to having a bespoke outfit made for the home to reflect the owner’s identity.

Here are three pieces that should be included in the order.

Emilia: Visually light, small in size and rounded in shape, this chair comes with a solid wood structure that can be glossy or matt lacquered. The seat comes in a textile, leather or saddle-leather depending on the style of the room.


Teresa: An armchair, this piece is marked by an oak wood structure with a deeper seat ideal for lounging in. Of note is its availability in “kuoio”, where the back, armrest and suspended seat comes in a saddle leather. A storage pocket can be hooked onto the armrest to slots magazines and files.

Vittorio: This coffee table is distinctive for its three-legged, circular shape made from a solid wood frame. Opt for black-painted glass, marble or oak to cover the top table; add an under-top in the same or contrasting finish for a more eclectic look.

This story is produced in collaboration with Meridiani. It first appeared in Issue 120: June 2021. 

02 July 2021