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JUNG's innovative products and smart system in Mondrian Singapore Duxton

Shining the spotlight on Mondrian Singapore Duxton, a new icon in architecture.

Mondrian Singapore Duxton makes its highly anticipated debut in Singapore, as it brings its signature blend of art, glamour and culinary flair to the vibrant Duxton Hill neighbourhood.

Strategically located close to the Central Business District, the hotel’s distinctive form towers over the historical buildings of Chinatown, offering panoramic views of the glittering city skyline.

LA-based Studio Carter together with DP Architects in Singapore break bold new ground with the Mondrian’s ‘deconstructed shophouse’ design, which draws inspiration from Singaporean culture and its rich past as a trading hub.

The building’s facade echoes the scale and proportion of adjacent shophouses, whilst incorporating common decorative elements as architectural features. The result is a minimalist and modern design adaptation that still runs in harmony with the conventional shophouse typology.

Pinnacle Suite Pinnacle Suite

This harmonious approach extends throughout the hotel and can be seen in spaces such as the Pinnacle Suite. Perched at the top of the tower, the suite’s expansive windows mirror the arches and shutters found in Singapore’s old shophouses, allowing plenty of natural light to shine through.

Another fine example is the Shophouse Suites, where traditional features are elevated with a modern twist, such as its high vaulted ceilings.

Architectural elements are designed to spark the imagination, from the glass shower which protrudes through rough plaster walls, to the custom furniture and arches coated in copper and steel. Murphy beds extend or hide away, offering guests the flexibility to transform their suites from bedroom to meeting room to entertaining space.

The subtle art of lighting

The difference between good and superb architecture lies in the details. Take light switches, for example, which are often overlooked despite their important role as a bridge between the electrical system and the room’s design.

Shophouse Suite Shophouse Suite

Highlighting its meticulous attention to detail, Mondrian Duxton Singapore spared no expense in equipping its guest rooms and suites with quality switches and automation from JUNG. The highly coveted LS 990 series was chosen for its sleek and classic shape, which fits seamlessly into any architectural style, whilst ensuring all mechanical components are hidden.

The brand’s affinity for metalwork can be seen in the eye-catching surfaces on the LS 990 metal series. Mondrian Duxton Singapore features the LS 990 Stainless Steel and Champagne Lacquered products, which pair well with warm timber accents to create an opulent yet welcoming ambience.

F 50 Push-Button Champagne Lacquered
F 50 Push-Button Champagne Lacquered
F 50 Push-Button in Stainless Steel
F 50 Push-Button in Stainless Steel

With a smart system in place, the hotel has achieved in creating a comfortable guest experience whilst reducing high cost; an essential for all hoteliers.

True to Mondrian’s forward-thinking and sustainable philosophy, all rooms are integrated with JUNG KNX System that is considered the gold standards for smart buildings worldwide.

Thanks to the automation system, a welcome scene is activated the moment the guest enters the room, and when no human presence is detected for 10 minutes, the room will automatically go into energy saving mode by switching off the lights and power, and increasing the AC setpoint.

The ease of operation of the JUNG KNX System is not just convenient for guests but also for the hotel’s operations team. For instance, in the suite rooms, whenever there are any lamp faults, the engineering team will be notified via the JUNG Visu Pro Hotel Interface. They can then take a proactive approach to address the faults and ensure operations can run smoothly.

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04 December 2023