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JUNG: Seamless installation for KL's Orion Residence

Orion Residence offers premium metropolitan living in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

The sophisticated design concept of Orion Residence draws inspiration from its prime location in Bukit Bintang, the bustling shopping district of Kuala Lumpur. The project's name is a nod to both the constellation and the significance of "bintang" (meaning "star" in Malay). A towering presence of 46 floors overlooking a spectacular view of the city’s skyline, the project aims to distinguish itself among the surrounding buildings. Designed by an award-winning team, the Orion Residence offers luxury living right in the heart of the city. Among its many facilities are an efficient and convenient  automated  concierge parking system, plush lounges,   and landscaped pathways.

The units come in four types, including studios, two bedrooms, and dual-key (2+1 bedrooms), catering to various needs, with the floor areas ranging from 495 sqft to 1300 sqft. Careful consideration has been given to the layout of the apartments, ensuring seamless utilisation of space.

Embracing the architectural theme of "The Orion" star, the interior design focuses on a galaxy art concept. A palette of dark and neutral colours strikes a balance, setting a soothing tone for the space. Attention is placed on creating a serene ambience through thoughtful lighting design, and hence enhancing the experience for residents.

High quality electrical installation from JUNG are thoughtfully incorporated into the design of the luxurious residential apartments. Switches and sockets in the LS 990 Dark Aluminium Lacquered range seamlessly complements the walnut and teak timber flooring, bronze detailing, and dramatic marble selections.

Premium materials such as carefully selected marbles from the Middle East (chosen for their unique hues) and hardwood (for the flooring) sourced from Southeast Asia enhance the luxurious feel of the space.

Meanwhile, the kitchens are equipped with ultra-modern appliances, meticulously planned with ergonomic design principles in mind.


Overall, the designers implemented the concept of ‘Total Design’ for Orion Residence, ensuring that all treatments  are interconnected to seamlessly blend  the design from landscape to the  interior. This approach transforms many spaces within the building into unique and  inviting environments.

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27 May 2024