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Geberit’s New Singapore Showroom: Quality, Reliability, Sustainability & Innovation

Geberit's first flagship showroom in Singapore showcases commitment to Swiss Excellence.

Geberit officially opened its first flagship showroom in Southeast Asia at Marina Square in late 2023. Marking a significant milestone in Geberit’s journey, this 140sqm space is the first in Southeast Asia to showcase Geberit’s full spectrum of revolutionary sanitary products.

Over the decades, the brand has redefined the entire water path from cistern to water closet (WC) and drainage pipe. The showroom's innovative concept revolves around presenting Geberit's dual product arms – the technology behind the wall and the products in front of the wall – creating a bathroom experience that seamlessly combines efficient water management with visually appealing bathroom décor.

The showroom is divided into four zones. Guests are greeted with an impressive entrance wall, followed by the Inspiration Zone featuring a bathroom setup with Geberit's bathroom products, including sinks and mirrors. The Technology Zone offers a glimpse of Geberit's advanced technology with live demonstrations of its superior flushing systems. And the Academy is a dedicated space for staff and customers to discuss and find practical solutions.

Econflo Systems joins forces with Geberit as its local partner. The partnership leverages Econflo’s extensive expertise in the retail segment and Geberit’s strong reputation to enhance awareness and desirability for the brand's products.


Geberit's new showroom at Marina Square Geberit's new showroom at Marina Square

Henry Yew deputy managing director and partner of Index Design led the interior design concept, and worked together with Low Jiaqi interior designer of Index Design.

Yew shares more about the design process of this space that incorporates Geberit's brand identity and values into a minimalist interior that embodies the concept of "Design Meets Function."

What was the brief for the new Geberit showroom?

The anticipation surrounding the inaugural showroom in Singapore was substantial, as Geberit is a global leader in sanitary technology with a rich history spanning over 150 years. Tasked with the challenge, our clients sought to highlight Geberit's cutting-edge technology through our design, recognising it as a pivotal strength that has propelled them to become a global leader in the sanitary industry. One specific requirement was on designing and showcasing their renowned concealed cisterns, a product that has seen widespread installation in condominiums, landed houses, hotels, and other commercial buildings around the world. The other requirement was to showcase their extensive range of water closets and basins.


Henry Yew, Index Design's deputy managing director and Low Jiaqi, interior designer Henry Yew, Index Design's deputy managing director and Low Jiaqi, interior designer

What's your design concept for the four different zones?

The journey begins at the sleek storefront, where our design features a backlit signage against a subtle, black stone-like large format tile. The deliberate smaller entrance adds an air of exclusivity to this luxurious Swiss brand. Upon entering the "Welcome Zone," the welcome wall is a transparent wall designed with acrylic, black metal frames, and blue LED lights showcases a Geberit concealed cistern with connection to their water closet and basin. Visitors can instantly grasp the essence of Geberit's bathroom solutions.

Transitioning to the "Inspirational Zone", the showroom emanates warmth and mindfulness. Drawing on over two decades of experience in designing private residential apartments for major developers, including projects like Reef at King’s Dock and Irwell Hill Residences, we designed all bathroom setups to reflect popular styles while maintaining a harmonious ambiance.

Various Geberit bathroom series, such as ACANTO and SMYLE, showcased with different wall finishes, enable visitors to envision how Geberit products can enhance their own bathrooms or serve as inspiration for future homes.

To infuse life and cosiness, we strategically placed a tree at the centre of the showroom, surrounded by different models of Geberit basins on blue countertops of varying heights. This symbolic representation of life on undulating water resonates with Geberit's connection to water in its business. The large tree aims to alleviate the stress of buyers, offering a calming presence as they navigate through the showroom to select the right products.

The Academy The Academy

Towards the rear, two additional zones await exploration. The "Technology Zone" focuses on showcasing Geberit's market-leading superiority in sanitary products and piping. Building on the introductory "welcome wall", a detailed live demonstration of the "behind the wall" cistern provides deeper insights. Another wall highlights various WC sizes tailored for today's small housing market, offering practical solutions for potential buyers.

The final zone, "The Academy" serves as a dedicated space for staff and customers to discuss proposals and products in detail. A large LED screen is designed to facilitate larger gatherings during Geberit's events with architects and interior designers, providing a platform for product introductions and new launches.

Geberit SMYLE
Geberit SMYLE
Geberit ONE
Geberit ONE

How did you align with the "Design meets Function" ethos?  

Index has designed over 100 large-scale private residential projects across Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, and other regions over our 30-year tenure. Our enduring relevance in the market stems from the adept balance we maintain between utilitarian functionality and aesthetic appeal in our designs.

In alignment with Geberit's inspirational ethos of "Design meets Function," we resonate with their commitment to seamlessly blending elegance and utility. Geberit's products exemplify this philosophy by being not only aesthetically pleasing but also user-friendly, exceptionally durable, and optimised for the best possible user experience.


What were some of the unique elements that you showcased in your design?

The water closet and basin were designed to hang on a “transparent wall” at the entrance to showcase how the wares are installed with the concealed cistern and pipes and at the same time, draw curious visitors into the showroom.

The blue centre display was inspired by waves. It showcases different types of basins on different heights to demonstrate the right position to install them. We have also specially designed a meeting table in the Academy zone, which we fondly called it the “Geberit ONE table” as the design is inspired by the shape of the popular Geberit ONE water closet seat cover. It is now often a conversation piece during events and training sessions.

What are some of the challenges that you face for retail design / customer’s shopping experience? And how do you overcome them?

Brick-and-mortar retail establishments play a crucial role in fostering customer engagement, offering a distinct advantage over online shopping. The seamless flow within the store, encompassing product discovery, experiential elements, and transactions, is essential for a positive customer experience.

Our passion lies in comprehending the unique needs of both our clients and their target shoppers. A deep understanding serves as the foundation for successful projects, allowing us to create environments that not only meet but exceed the expectations of those who enter our spaces.

How did you feel about getting an honorary mention from recent SIDA awards?

We are excited to have received an honourable mention at the recent SIDA awards, particularly as we aim to establish a significant presence in the field of retail design. This acknowledgment signifies a strong initial stride toward achieving that goal, and we look forward to more opportunities on similar projects in the future.

26 February 2024