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Cierre: Fusing craftmanship and design

Seeking out past, present and future trends, Cierre experiments with bold concepts to craft innovative solutions.

Cierre is a 50-year-old Italian family run company that takes pride in its ability to expertly blend craftsmanship and design, resulting in furniture with a one-of-a-kind look and feel. Attention to detail is top priority, and every product showcases their commitment to quality.

Cierre 5.0 is a brand new name created is in line with the future vision of this well- established company. Marquis QSquare recently introduced Cierre’s latest collection in Singapore, which include the following well-crafted pieces:

Ever sofa (pictured above) is reminiscent of a plush futon; the mattress-seat is composed of a double quilted layer with a rubber core. This rests on a wooden tatami, a stylish base made of oak or walnut and supported by chrome plated metal feet.

Oscar bed Oscar bed

Oscar bed is for those who seek out clean, orderly lines and shapes. The simple relationship between the box-spring and the base gives the bed a touch of sleek elegance.

Belt armchair Belt armchair

Belt armchair brings to mind a decorative leather belt, creating a sensory barrier between the contrasting materials: the shimmering hardness of the chrome-plated metal and the enveloping softness of the seat.

Iceberg coffee table Iceberg coffee table

Iceberg coffee table’s contrast between the various shapes and sizes is accentuated by the use of different colours and materials.

Filo armchair Filo armchair

Filo armchair is sustainably produced with a metal frame, which is clad in inlaid leather. The chair offers comfort intertwined with beautiful design.

adele armchair adele armchair

adele armchair is a modern classic featuring refined elegance, comfort and softness combined with a slim metal trim that mimics the seams in the leather. This piece is made of wooden frame and plexiglass insert, covered with polyurethane foam and an acrylic layer.

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30 January 2023