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AXOR ShowerSelect ID: precision meets personality

AXOR ShowerSelect ID balances universal appeal with personal preference.  Its sleek, minimalist design creates a striking aesthetic while enhancing ease of use.

AXOR ShowerSelect ID brings unprecedented precision and personalisation to the shower experience. Developed in collaboration with PHOENIX, the concealed thermostatic mixer extends just 45 mm from the wall – made possible by the new AXOR iBox universal 2.

A central temperature control dial offers satisfying haptic and auditory feedback while surrounding paddles utilise the latest Select technology, allowing for quick, easy switching among spray types and outlets.

The product is not just a marvel of technology and design, it allows users to express their individual identity, taste and style. There are three design styles to choose from — round, square or softsquare — as well as a wide range of AXOR FinishPlus surfaces and AXOR Signature custom inlay options.

The Custom inlay options via AXOR Signature Service include black Nero Marquina marble, white Lasa Covelano Vena Oro marble, black walnut and mirrored glass.

AXOR ShowerSelect ID is characterised by ultra-precise control, universal design styles and unique customisation options. Users can combine AXOR ShowerSelect ID thermostats to cover up to four outlets, with each select paddle representing one outlet (e.g., a hand shower or spray type). For ease of operation, the paddles feature laser engraved icons and can be activated with a simple push.

The monolithic dial’s finely grooved rim provides tactile interaction, with each turn of the dial adjusting water temperature in small, precise increments. An integrated water volume control enables the user to effortlessly adjust the rate at which water flows, right up to a full stop (for easy cleaning), while the SafetyStop feature as a built in scalding prevention mechanism allows the user to relax and enjoy.

Leveraging the modular potential of the AXOR iBox universal 2, AXOR ShowerSelect ID offers a seamless complement to the entire AXOR Shower portfolio.

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19 May 2024