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SingaPlural Returns This Year

Formwerkz and Bravo to curate design event

What happens when different disciplines come together and are forced to work towards a common goal? This is what SingaPlural will examine this year, as part of Singapore Design Week, running from 4 to 17 March.

Hosted at the National Design Centre, the event is curated by a collective made up of Formwerkz and Bravo, organised by the Singapore Furniture Industries Council, and supported by the DesignSingapore Council.

In line with the theme “Unnatural Phenomena”, expect to find nine exhibits put together by brands such as surface designers Admira and countertop supplier Stone Amperor, in partnership with creative partners such as Studio DAM and Lian Architects, respectively.

Presented by Admira and Studio Dam,
Presented by Admira and Studio Dam,

Look out too for the one by the University of South Australia. Named renaturation, it spotlights the ideas around evolution, specifically taking inspiration from the process of how cells are formed, or cytokinesis. As the days pass during SingaPlural 2019, expect that the installation will grow, move and even transform.

Separately, don’t miss the full-day lectures taking place on 6 March too. Among the speakers is architect and engineer Elena Manferdini from the US, who will speak about the effectiveness of visual languages to create alternate realities, and the important role designers have in the act of cultivating imagination. 

Low Shi Ping
25 February 2019