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Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong Revamped To Sustain Market Position Against Competition

Remedios led the renovation of the hotel with a design that makes one feel right at home

Renovations go beyond reviving the usability and prolonging the life of a structure or a space. They can be effectively aligned with branding sustainability and financial viability. Peter Remedios, Design Principal and Managing Director of Remedios Studio, led the design of the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong renovation, a project whose main objective was to sustain the hotel market position against upcoming competitions.

“While the hotel enjoys a wonderful location with magnificent views on the harbourfront, there has been increasing competition in Hong Kong with several other 5-star deluxe properties opening within the last few years,” observes Remedios. The old design had started to feel dated, requiring a thorough renovation that would set it favourably alongside newcomers.

“The scope of the renovation included a new look for all 399 guest rooms and suites. The rising competition drove a full renovation slightly earlier than the usual hotel lifecycle, and involved a rework of all FF&E, fabrics, case goods, millwork, finishes, with strategic renovations to the bathrooms, retaining previous materials sustainably and incorporating new ones in order to take the transformation to the next level to create a superlative experience.”

For the project, an operating hotel, the challenge was to maintain its position among Hong Kong’s top establishments. The brief evolved from a series of discussions regarding the objectives, renovation challenges, and the competition in the market segment. “From this process, we defined the project scope and refined the objectives together with the client and operator. We brainstormed to come up with the design concept and aesthetic,” Remedios explains.

Remedios set out to create the Four Seasons Hong Kong as a ‘Homecoming’. “When you walk into a room or a suite at the Four Seasons Hong Kong, we want you to feel like you are home. This ‘Homecoming’ is a concept that we developed in the last 10 years or so of creating spaces where you can work yet relax without ever feeling like it is a workspace.

“Being a world traveller myself, after a hard day of meetings, the last thing I want is to feel that I am sleeping in the office. Hence, there are no desks and no ergonomic desk chairs in Remedios Studio’s designs,” Remedios reiterates. “We came up with a concept that I call: ‘The Luxury of Choice and the Luxury of Time’. In the rooms that we design, you can choose to relax or work or eat from the sofa, the lounge chair or at the table, multi-tasking wherever and whenever you want— if you so desire. We believe time and choice are the most precious commodities nowadays.”

The design concept largely grew out of the rich heritage and history of Hong Kong, he emphasises. “We created a refined and timeless design by connecting the old with the new. The redesigned lift lobby, guest rooms, and suites are curated with Chinese-inspired elements balanced with modern furnishings for a harmonious blend of contemporary elegance.” Abiding by the hotel’s design ethos, the design concept accentuates the city’s unique traditions and rich culture as well as enlivens the Four Seasons brand concept and reflects a heightened level of deluxe comfort. Our goal was to create an environment that offers the hotel guest an immersion into the local culture yet  also a haven within the bustling city and a home away from home.


Victor Chen,
Remedios Studio
30 October 2022