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Reimagining The Modern Home

Guocoland redefines the home for modern families in a series of new launches

Major Takeaways
  • GuocoLand redefines the concept of modern homes with a series of launches that set new benchmarks for convenience, design identity, and responsiveness to modern lifestyle.
  • Modern homes highlight access to purpose-built facilities and conveniences as well as proximity to public utilities.

  • Modern homes are underpinned by design innovation – in both individual units and common areas – that enhances identity and community.

  • Modern homes reflect emerging lifestyles through functional layouts such as flex room and duplex units.


When Guocoland launched a series of luxury residential developments – Goodwood Residence, Leedon Residence and Wallich Residence – it secured its position as the developer to beat in the segment.

The new projects overhauled the typology for luxury urban living by articulating how the very wealthy actually lived. In return, the market received the said developments with unreserved enthusiasm: The units sold rapidly and achieved very good prices.

Guocoland followed up these successful launches with the ‘Modern’ series – Martin Modern, Midtown Modern, and Lentor Modern. Conceived for today’s urban dwellers, these developments capture the essence of homebuyers’ growing preferences.

The Modern Series articulates in thoughtful ways the dynamic character of contemporary home life, providing spaces for privacy and community, cutting-edge conveniences and familiar comforts, quiet contemplation and active pursuits.

They also anticipate the real demands that owners increasingly impose on their homes, such as flexible spaces for new activities and interests, and clear boundaries that create both privacy and togetherness. A modern home can also be a productivity hub and a multi-generational abode.

Dora Chng, General Manager – Residential, Guocoland, sat with me for a spirited conversation on what the ‘modern’ home means in the context of the new developments by Guocoland.

by Marc Almagro, Photography by Chino Sardea,Audio Recording and Engineering by Tracey Nguyen
27 March 2023