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Perrin Paris Collaborates with Zaha Hadid Design

Parisian leather goods artisans, Perrin Paris, have unveiled their collaboration with Zaha Hadid Design in a form of seven exquisite leather clutches.

Parisian leather goods artisans, Perrin Paris, have unveiled their collaboration with Zaha Hadid Design: a limited-edition collection of seven leather clutches.

Founded in 1893, Rigaudy-Perrin became the purveyor of leather gloves for France’s premier couture houses. Relaunched in 2009 as Perrin Paris, the company has extended their expertise into a collection of handbags and accessories, combining the finest quality skins with conceptual design. A brand signature, the glove clutch, retains the label’s renowned DNA.

The collaboration with Zaha Hadid Design is a marriage of creativity that began when Zaha Hadid received a Perrin Paris glove clutch as a gift in 2015. Soon afterwards, Sally and Michel Perrin connected with her studio, ultimately leading to a design partnership focused on creating a unique capsule collection, which reimagines the historic brand’s iconic glove clutch.

The 'Perrin Paris x Zaha Hadid' collection consists of seven clutches with three different sculptural metal glove-pieces – Strae, Loop and Mobi – as part of a limited-edition series. The leather clutch is finished in five colours: black, white, blush, lipstick and electric blue, with sculpted metallic glove-pieces in a variety of finishes, including gold, rose gold, silver, or the red and blue of their corresponding leather clutches.

The fluid forms of each metallic glove-piece have been designed and crafted to enable the clutch to be worn on either the right or left hand, resulting in a striking combination of Hadid’s unmistakable design language with Perrin’s heritage and expertise of handcrafted leather.

“We are honoured to unveil this incredible collaboration, which is dear to our hearts,” said Sally Perrin. “Zaha was an incredible talent, and her work lives on as a testament to her legacy and enduring impact on the architecture and design worlds.”

“We have always been interested in the strong connection between fashion and jewellery, and this collaboration allowed us to combine both disciplines,” explained Maha Kutay, Director of Zaha Hadid Design. “Each piece is manufactured in soft leather and integrates Zaha Hadid Design’s signature language with Perrin’s immaculate craftsmanship.”

Courtesy of Perrin Paris
Brigitte Lacombe
21 June 2017