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Issue 131's Editor's Note

Presenting a summary of what Issue 131 contains

As we step into the first quarter of 2024, we embark on a design journey that embraces the lush world of tropical architecture for residences. This is where the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces blur, and nature becomes an integral part of our living environments. A cool, airy home is after all, a welcome respite for those living in bustling urban areas.

We feature several contemporary residential projects in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore whose designs integrate verdant green pockets and trees. Thanks to the open spaces and natural ventilation, these places provide comfortable living in our warm weather.

For instance, in Singapore, The Triptych, designed by K2LD Architects, is a multigenerational home with three wings, connected by a central courtyard that’s envisioned as a tranquil oasis. The Borderless House in KL uses classical Chinese garden design principles to define privacy and space for the owner’s family, while creating interconnectivity with each other and nature. In Bangkok, Baan Saimai is a residential project set against a lush lawn. Boundaries between interiors and exteriors dissolve, inviting the greenery, sunlight, and gentle breezes to become essential elements of daily living. Over in Hong Kong, a coastal home blessed with scenic views welcomes nature indoors and takes advantage of the seaside setting.

This issue, we also visit MPavilion 10 in Melbourne, a unique structure conceived by Tadao Ando, Pritzker Prize winner and one of the world’s leading architects. The architectural masterpiece reflects Ando’s signature use of striking geometric interventions in nature and his precise use of concrete.

Finally, when designing the new Intercontinental Chiang Mai The Mae Ping, the Bangkok-based PIA team ensures that the hotel’s contemporary interiors celebrate craftsmanship in all its forms as well as pay homage to Northern Thailand’s Lanna heritage. The designers weave local narratives into modern aesthetics to bridge Chiang Mai’s heritage with the present and the future.

As you read these stories, here’s to a year filled with creativity and innovation. Happy Reading! 

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15 March 2024