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Dance Floor on the Street

Architect Jean Verville injects fun and vigour in this interactive dance floor installation en route to Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ exhibition, Pompeii.

With paving made of more than 5,000 footprints, this interactive DANCE FLOOR installation, composed of a stunning mosaic reminiscent of hammered gold, invites visitors to improvise their steps into spontaneous dance as they make their way into the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ exhibition, Pompeii. The installation stretches from 6 February to 5 September 2016.

Canadian architect Jean Verville’s latest installation, DANCE FLOOR, encourages people to dance their way into Montreal’s Museum of Fine Arts by following any of 5,000 gold footprints. Inspired by the hammered gold found throughout the current Pompeii exhibition in the museum the installation inspires both structured and spontaneous movement in all who walk along it.

While everyone can use the footprints as a guide for creating dance steps, they can also use the space to freestyle and improvise their own steps. The installation, set to last for the duration of the summer, creates an interactive activity that brings a bit of joy and happiness to the city, and promotes fun and togetherness as people dance alongside each other through the street.

Maxime Brouillet
05 September 2016