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An Exploration of the Pavilion House Concept featuring Space Furniture

In this new series, architects and designers are given free play in imagining the "perfect" space using mainly items from Space Furniture. Architect Vincent Goi was asked to dream up a unique interior concept. Goi and Catherine Low co-founded Arkhilite Associates whose slow spaces philosophy focuses on five pillars: Calmness, Joyfulness, Sensibility of Light, Lifestyle of Dwellers and Sense of Place.

Please describe your design in this render and what are the selected items from Space Furniture?

In our endeavour to reimagine the traditional concept of space, we anchor our thesis on designing an enigmatic realm that blurs the distinct lines between the indoors and outdoors. We envision a hybrid environment, a fusion that incorporates elements of both yet does not conform entirely to either. It emerges as a liminal space characterised by its fluidity and indefinable boundaries, promoting an intrigue that sparks the imagination.

We imagine a locale that is reminiscent of the warmth and vibrancy of the tropics, yet is graced with the refreshing coolness typical of temperate climates. This juxtaposition of climatic elements imparts a unique, enigmatic quality to the space.

To realise this vision, we incorporate architectural elements that are both opaque and transparent. We weave together screens that are translucent and solid, creating a tapestry that reflects and absorbs light in distinct manners. These layers serve to encapsulate the desired spatial sensibilities, breathing life and depth into the environment. 

Every piece from Space Furniture is chosen for its ability to enhance the aesthetic and functional attributes of the space. Each item stands as a testament to refined craftsmanship and aesthetic allure, contributing to the narrative of sophistication and elegance.

The Pavilion House emerges not just as a physical entity but as an experiential journey. In essence, the Pavilion House is a testament to the harmonious coalescence of disparate elements. It signifies a movement away from rigid definitions and compartmentalisation. It encapsulates a narrative where architecture, design, and nature intertwine, giving birth to a living, breathing space that transcends conventional definitions.


How unique is your design style for residential projects and how has it evolved?

Post-graduation, I joined RSP Architects, a tenure that presented the opportunity to engage in diverse architectural projects across various cities worldwide including Shanghai. Immersed in the dynamic cultural and architectural landscapes of different cities, I found myself increasingly introspective, contemplating the quintessential essence of a residence and its meaning to me.

I arrived at a personal revelation that a home should be a sanctuary of calmness and relaxation — a space that facilitates a life lived at a measured, unhurried pace, echoing comfort and tranquillity. Concurrently, I recognised the significance of individualising these spaces, ensuring that they are suitably tailored to reflect and accommodate the unique lifestyles of their inhabitants.

The first insight fuelled my passion for creating architectural designs that epitomise serenity and tranquillity, encouraging individuals to embrace a slower, more mindful existence. The second insight offered a canvas of creative liberation, permitting the exploration of diverse architectural paradigms. With each project, I am afforded the latitude to reimagine and redefine spaces, accommodating the eclectic needs and preferences of clients and aligning with the distinct characteristics of varied sites.

These duality of design philosophy do not just underpin my architectural ethos but catalyse a journey of continuous evolution, where each project becomes a work of tailored serenity and creative innovation.

What kind of meaningful projects would you be keen to work on moving forward?

We're keen to revisit international projects, bringing a world of influences into our work. Our expertise isn’t limited to residential spaces. We’ve begun extending our approach to calm and inviting environments to other sectors, including fashion, hospitality, and corporate spaces.

We're open to partnerships with brands and individuals who value a similar aesthetic and ethos. Every partnership, every collaboration is a conversation. It’s about sitting down with individuals and brands who share our passion, and crafting something that’s not just seen but felt. It’s not just about buildings, interiors or products, it’s about creating experiences; It’s about creating spaces that reflect the nuances of slow, intentional living.


How does Space Furniture support your design endeavours?

In our experience, Space Furniture has been an invaluable resource, always at the forefront of introducing innovative and contemporary products to the wider design fraternity.

Their method is both encompassing and tailored. They cast their insights broadly, illuminating the design landscape with a diverse yet curated array of offerings. Also, they possess the adeptness to focus intently on the nuanced specifics, curating selections that are intricately aligned with our particular thematic and stylistic directions, ensuring that their suggestion is a harmonious addition to the narrative we seek to articulate in our works. This relationship, marked by mutual respect and a shared passion for excellence in design, has been instrumental in our projects’ successes. 

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14 December 2023