d+a | Issue 116 • Jun/July 2020

/ DINE / 76 THE DYNAMISM OF CHINESE CULTURE IS ON FULL DISPLAY AT MOTT 32 SINGAPORE, DESIGNED BY JOYCE WANG STUDIO. LUSH DECADENCE WORDS LOW SHI PING / PHOTOGRAPHY EDMON LEONG, JOYCE WANG STUDIO T he lights are turned down so it might be hard to appreciate, but closer inspection of Mott 32 Singapore, located in Marina Bay Sands, throws up a smorgasbord of rich, luxurious detailing and story-telling that spans time, culture and geographical boundaries. Conceptualised by Joyce Wang Studio, the modern Chinese restaurant is rife with references from Chinese imperialism, the country’s colonial era, its traditional shophouse architecture, greenery, the Aesthetic Movement and Hong Kong, where Mott 32 first originated. The eponymous designer of the Studio offers her take on how she designed the space, and her thought processes around the selection of materials. Mott 32 is visually stimulating, with so many details to take in and be distracted by. Why did you choose this stylistic direction? We wanted to celebrate the botanical theme without reservation, and ensure it extended to every surface in order to grant diners an all-immersive experience. Details have been imagined with colonial influence, nods to the Aesthetic Movement and of course, the Garden City. How similar is Mott 32 Singapore to the other outlets around the world? All Mott 32 projects (Singapore, Hong Kong, Vancouver and Las Vegas) share in the rigour to defy expectation and deliver something visionary. At the same time, 1. The entrance of Mott 32 is done up with its classic bank bar gold gates. / OPPOSITE. The main dining area of Mott 32 has pendant lights with embroidered linen shades. 1